Ireland Pt. 1 | Mini Haul

As you can guess from the title and from the last post, I've just come back home from an amazing journey in the wonderful land named Ireland. I've wanted to go there for two years or something, and finally my lovely dad made my dream come true.
Since I haven't got my photos yet (they're on my dad's computer), I thought I could do a mini-haul of what I bought there. The most of the things you'll see aren't for me, I bought them for my friends. I didn't buy many things for me, actually; but I don't like coming back from a journey with a bag full of souvenirs and new clothes and rubbish. I prefer buying few good things, instead than a lot of useless things. 
So, let's get started!

This necklace is the first thing I'll show you. It is mine, and I got it from Penneys, which, if you don't know, is like Primark. I mean, it's the same shop but with a different name. It costed 3 euros I think. I bought it because it's very very very beautiful and because it wasn't expensive at all! In the shop that sells necklaces and jewellery in my town it would have costed at least 15 euros. So I didn't hesitate to buy it!

The second thing I'm going to show you is this bracelet. I realized that it's written wrong some days after I bought it, so I couldn't do anything. I got it in a shop in Dingle; it was 4.50 euros, but I fell in love with the phrase written on it, so I couldn't leave it in the shop. If you can't see, it's made of black leather and there's a little metallic thing with "Where there's a will there's a way" written on it. It's amazing, don't you think?

I got the last thing I bought for me from Penneys; I bought two of this things for 2 euros. I don't know if you know what is it, and I'm sorry but even I don't know its name. You usually use one of these to make a perfect top knot! You just have to put your hair into the small hole and then, with a hair band or some hairpins you put your hair around the whole brown thing. It's difficult to describe writing, you have to try, cause it's very simple to do!

These slippers aren't for me, they are for a friend of mine, like all of the things I'll show you from now. I got them from Penneys too, and they were 5 euros. They're so nice and comfortable! And I cannot say they are so kitsch, but as they weren't expensive I bought them. I think my friend won't stop laughing when she'll see them!

 This hair clip is so so so so so beautiful. I'd have bought one for me too, but I have too short hair to wear one of these. But I love it. It was a little expensive, though, it was 11.90 euros. I bought it in a tipical Irish-Celtic shop in the Aran Islands, so I bet (and hope) it's quite difficult to find something similar.

I bought some of these in a souvenir shop, they were 1.99 each I think. As you can't see the upper part, they are keychains. They're nice and quite tipical, and as they weren't expensive at all I bought them for some friends I don't talk very often anymore. They're those stupid things you buy just to make people think "oh, she remembered of me when she was there". I don't think they're going to use them, but it doesn't matter.

So, this is the last thing I'm going to show you. As you can see is a very nice and cute little sheep, but what you can't know is that she is so so so so soft! In fact there's a sticker that says "hug me every single day!". Anyway, I bought it from the same shop from which I bought the hair clip in and she was 6.50 euros I think. Yes, being a little sheep it was quite expensive, but it's so cute!

This was my little haul of what I bought there, I hope you enjoyed it even though I didn't bought clothes or something that has to do with fashion (apart from something).
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