Being beautiful.

The first thing I'd like you to know is that you won't look awful only because of your outfit. You can be the most beautiful person ever even if you're wearing a garbage bag with yellow polkadots on it; you just have to act like a beautiful person. I mean, everyone is beautiful. The difficult part is in make people know you are; you have to show your beauty, if you don't, you'll live with the thought you're not as beautiful as you actually are. Think about it, think about your merits and think about how you can take advantage from them. Be beautiful.
Today I'll give you some tips about how to feel beautiful, be beautiful.

As I've just written, you are beautiful. And I know what you're thinking about: "Cath, you don't know me, if you did, you wouldn't say that. Not everyone is beautiful. I am not". Well, I agree with you, I don't know you, the only think I know is that you have at least one merit. Think. Maybe you've written a song. Maybe you can play an instrument. Maybe you're goot at writing stories. Maybe you're good in something at school. Has anyone ever said "Thank you" to you? That means you've done something good for them. And why shouldn't this be a merit? Doing good things for someone. Count how many "Thank you"s you've ever received. They're a lot, aren't they? But even if they're only two or three, they're enough. Enough to help you to feel happy. Happy because you're a beautiful person, no one would thank a bad person.

And now we come to another tip about how to be beautiful. To be beautiful, you have to be happy. Because every happy person is beautiful, a thousand times more beautiful than a not-too-happy person. But how to be happy? Some of you may think it's impossible. Some may think it's difficult. Some may think it's hard. Well, you're on the wrong way. Being happy it's simpler than what you think. Very very very simpler. Because (and forgive me for the stock phrase) what makes you happy are the little things in life. Think another time. Didn't you feel happy when the person you thought two minutes ago about said "Thank you" to you? Didn't you feel happy when you were young and you saw all those presents under the christmas tree? Didn't you feel happy when you found that thing you've been looking for for ages? Didn't you feel happy when you felt satisfied? I bet you did. I bet you've been happy at least once in life. And why should not exist a second time? Why this second time should not be now? Why shouldn't you smile, right now, because there may be a cool guy in the window in front of yours looking at you. So smile, because I've never seen a smiling face that was not beautiful.

The third tip is to be who you are. Why? Because of what it's written above. Why should you be someone you aren't? Maybe because you think you don't like yourself? Maybe you don't think you're enough? But enough for what? For people? For the society? Everyone says that society sucks. I think no one would want to be something (that he isn't) that is enough for something that sucks. It has no sense.

The fourth tip is to like yourself. And that's the most difficult part. Or better, I think the most of you think it's the most difficult part. I don't think it is, but it may be. Actually, the first thing to do to like yourself is to accept what you are, who you are, how you are. You're going to be like that for the whole life, and you can't live a whole life thinking about how ugly you are. So, the life is difficult itself, why should we complicate it more? As I said before, to start liking yourself you have to find the good things in you and make them overcome the bad things. There will be moments in which you can't find one good thing, but there will be moments in which you'll find them; you can't prevent the moments I said first, but you can increase the second ones.

Of course, to be beautiful, but to be happy, like yourself  and feel beautiful as well, you can change yourself a little bit. "Change yourself" means you can try to eliminate your flaws, wear some make-up, wear clothes that valorise your body. Obviously without making you become someone else.

To do all those things I said, you have to be yourself, start from yourself, improve yourself. Good luck!

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