Today I'll talk about rings!
Rings can mean many things as love or friendship, but they can also be nice accessories for your fingers. I was walking in the ciry centre when I saw those rings in Bershka; it was a pack of six ones made of zinc that cost 7.99 euros. They're very simple and, as you can see, there's a word written of each of them. They're beautiful words like dream, love, happiness. They're those words that can help you to remember how the world can be beautiful.

I don't usually wear rings, this is the first time I buy them, actually. I don't really like those rings full of beads or that are very big; and I think they're not too comfortable to wear, too. But I fell in love with those ones. As I've just said, I like them because they're not complicated. And I love the words on them.

Do you like them? Comment, I'd love to read your opinions.
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