Back to school | outfits.

September is coming, and so is school.
And what comes with school? Back to school outfits!
I have to say I don't have many shoes and accessories, so my outfits will be made of three parts. You'll see a black bracelet too, well, I always wear it, so that's why it's there.


This is the first outfit. You may not see the trousers are very large and comfortable, and there isn't a specific shop where you can find them. They are sold in indian shops, and I think they sell them only in spring and summer. Every trouser you find is made of different fabrics and coloured differently, so that's why they are so amazing!

The brand of the t-shirt is sponder, I found it in a local shop in my town; so I don't really know where you can find it. 
I suggest you to wear a not-too-complicated t-shirt with those trousers, because they're very coloured themselves, so wearing a coloured t-shirt would be too much.

Can you recognize the necklace? I talked about it in another post; I bought it in Penneys, which is like Primark. So I bet you can find it in both stores.
You can click on the pics below to see the t-shirt, the necklace and the trousers bigger!


This is the second outfit, which is girlier than the last one.
You can choose to wear tights or to not wear them under the skirt; personally I prefer wearing them, because I don't like naked legs and because I love the color of the legs with tights.
The t-shirt is a t-shirt of the old Abbey Dawn collection (if you don't know, Abbey Dawn is made by Avril Lavigne - and I love her), I think you can find it on ebay or somewhere in the internet. If you search you can find photos of Avril wearing it herself!

The skirt is from the old HM collection, but they keep some items they didn't sell, so if you're lucky you can still find it in stores.

The necklace is from the old Accessorize collection (everything is from old collections, lol), so, as the other things, you can find it online.

I suggest you a hairstyle for the girly outfit. I have short hair, but you can adjust it for yours.
To do this you need three or four things: this (optional), a band, a hairband, a hairpin (optional).
All you have to do is to make a hairknot leaving some hair out of it. Then you have to wear your band and, if you want, a hairpin. You're done!

Black flowers.

This is the last outfit. 
As you can see, I'm wearing shorts and tights: such as the previous outfit, you can choose to wear tights or not to. 

The brand of the shorts is Iron Fist, I bought them in the same shop I bought the Avril Lavigne t-shirt in. But you can find anywhere you like a pair of black shorts.

The t-shirt is from Subdued and it has a floreal pattern.

I made myself the necklace. It's the Deathly Hallows symbol made with a moldable material and a pin put in it. It's very simple to do!

So, these were my back to school outfits. I hope you enjoyed and liked them, but remember: meaningless people follow the fashion passively, superb people exaggerate it, people of good taste come to terms with it.
Be people of good taste and do not copy other people's clothes, just catch those things you like from other people's styles and put them together to create your own style.
Don't forget to comment and share!
And good luck for school!


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