Passion: DIY

Hello! Today I'll talk about DIYs.
DIY, for you that don't know, means Do It Yourself, and it's a great way to recycle things. And it also is a creative way to make your own clothes and to decor your room. 
Who doesn't want a beautiful and colorful room? Or a t-shirt with a particular logo? Most of the times you can't find what you want or it costs too much. DIY is the way!
I love doing DIYs, and lately I've been doing them a lot. So I thought I could film what I did and share it with you! This is the outcome, I hope you like it and I hope it gives you some inspiration about how to decorate your room.

If you want you can check my YouTube channel, even if there's nothing, yet. I will upload other DIYs and stuff sooner than you think! 

But how can we turn our DIY passion into fashion? The answer is this t-shirt.
I know I've already shown you it, but I think it's the best example of an easy, quick and wonderful DIY. I did a bag myself too, but I'll show it you later because it's quite difficult to do.
Anyway, to do that t-shirt you just need a t-shirt, some scissors and some paint. I won't tell you how to do it just for the reason that there are billions of videos about how to make it and it's so simple. I don't think you even need a video.
You'll also be satisfied; in fact, everyone will say "Oh, that's so beautiful! Where did you get it?" and you, proudly, will reply "I made it myself". Isn't it fantastic?

Another thing about DIY that shouldn't be missed is that most of them are inexpensive. I think in Subdued or Brandy&Melville or worse, Abercrombie, I would have paid my t-shirt at least 30/40€. Well, I actually paid it 5€; 3€ for the t-shirt and 2€ for the paint. 

I know I've already said you that, but I believe so much in that that I have to repeat it. How can a style be more yours than a style made of clothes that come from your mind and not from another person's one? 

I hope with this post I've infected you with the DIY-mania, and I'd love to know from you what you did, how much you spent, if you made some videos (I love watching them) and if you enjoyed it! 
Don't forget to comment and share.
See you later!


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