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Hello there, beautiful people.

Today I'm back on my blog with a short post about something that has become very popular in the last few months, floral crowns. I really like them, maybe because I love flowers and nature in general.
 I've never had one, but this morning, while I was doing the shopping in the town, I walked in a chinese shop (here chinese shops have everything for almost free) and I saw some fake flowers, so I bought the necessary - the flowers, green masking tape, green wire - and made myself a floral crown. I have to say I'm quite proud of it, even though the quality is not the best; but it looks cute and it was very cheap, which is great.

I thought about making a tutorial, but actually there are plenty on the internet: I'm sure you'll find the one you're looking for. But if you'd like one on this blog, don't be afraid to tell me! I really enjoy making those kind of posts.

Do you have any floral crowns? Where did you buy them? Or did you DIY them?

Have a lovely day :)
Cath xx

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